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The PK servis technické součásti s.r.o. Company is a major partner-distributor for the MEGADYNE s.r.l. manufacturer of V-belts and timing belts and pulleys in the Czech Republic. PK Servis

As a result of our large stock of drive propulsion transmission products we are capable of settling orders within 48 hours. Our priority is a competitive price on the market. Experienced employees will be happy to help you choose the most suitable type of belt transmission. Try us, ask us and we will be happy to demonstrate what we are capable of!

Why purchase belts and pulleys on-line at ř ?

  • "Just in Time" deliveries
  • purchase from a verified authorised source with many years of experience
  • certificate of evidence of the origin of goods (manufactured in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the USA – no No-Name products Made in China or ostentatiously named brands with an unclear place of origin)
  • option of establishing a consignment warehouse
  • reduced stock volume
  • elimination of a narrow range of products
  • no idle time as a result of a shortage of parts


The PK SERVIS technické součásti s.r.o. Company is the most important Czech partner – distributor of the MEGADYNE s.r.I. manufacturer of v-belts, timing belts and pulleys.

MEGADYNE=  worldwide continental distribution network and leader on the polyurethane and rubber belt market

PK SERVIS= distributor, guarantees customers first-class local services concerning timing belts, v-belts and pulleys. The Company supports innovative solutions during development of new machinery and equipment fitted with drives (timing belts, v-belts, pulleys).

In cooperation with PK Servis technické součásti s.r.o. , the MEGADYNE s.r.o. Company offers technical support and follow-up recommendation of an appropriate specific belt or pulley for customers.

Advantages of MEGADYNE belts and pulleys:

  • low acquisition costs while maintaining the highest quality standards
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • manufacture of belts and pulleys in EU countries exclusively (Italy, Spain, France, Germany) and the USA
  • excellent access to belts and pulleys as a result of an excellent range of stock in the CZ
  • deliveries of v-belts, cogged belts and special belts by metre or welded MEGALINEAR versions within 24 hours of placing an order
  • increased effectiveness of machinery
  • easy installation and removal of belts and pulleys due to quality
  • manufacture of all v-belts in series




Accu-Link assembled belts

  • manufacture of assembled belts at the Megadyne USA plant on the basis of the customer’s current requirements
  • Significant price difference compared to competitive belts

Advantages: material made from high-quality textile, with excellent technical parameters. The use of a single layer used eliminates problems with separation of individual layers, as used by other manufacturers. Use of new high-tech textiles means the belts show higher tensile strength values and also greater flexibility in comparison to competitive products, precisely according to the requirements of the market for which Megadyne began manufacturing assembled belts.



  • on the contrary to the competition we supply belts welded on a professional welding system, which is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.
  • Megadyne uses its own method for joining belts during the welding process~

The main differences in the welding process are the pressure and temperature settings, which are two key values that other competitive companies are unable to achieve due to lower requirements placed on their own welding processes.
Pressure is a very important value, which subsequently results in the effect of the strength of the belt joint.
Pressure is directly involved in formation of the polyurethane crystal grid. Megadyne equipment works at a pressure of 40 atm and at 60-80 atm with cooling. This pressure with cooling ensures the increased strength of our joints.
Another significant difference in the method of welding is the application of surface layers – chiefly AV2a and AVAFC. The Megadyne Company manufactures belts with a surface layer extruded directly onto the belt during manufacture.
The advantage of this belt is that it is not made by gluing two parts together. These belts are welded as a monolith – complete with surface layer.
MEGLINEAR PU belts by meter are located in Italy, which guarantees the stable quality of the product.


Summary of products


  • V-belts
  • Poly-V groove belts
  • ISORAN synchronous belts
  • Neoplenové linear belts
  • MEGAFLAT belts
  • MEGAPOWER belts
  • MEGALINEAR belts
  • MEGAFLEX belts
  • MEGARIB belts
  • Belts with special spacing
  • Belts with surface treatment and profile
  • Belt pulleys, clamping boards